One of the best supermarkets in the country

Woolworths – the African chain of retail stores and one of the largest in the country  - has chosen Arneg to renovate its store in Parwoods, Johannesburg.

For Arneg this store represented a new challenge: furnishing the supermarket aiming to an avant-garde design, to higher performances, to the maximum product visibility and, last but not least, to energy saving.

Thanks to its attractive design and to its high quality furniture, specific for the storage of hot and cold products, Arneg has won the challenge supplying the store with its best solutions: PANAMA 3P, the vertical-multi-deck cabinet suitable for displaying a wide range of products such as meat, cheese and fourth range products which, thanks to its excellent lighting, offers a complete view of the products on display and makes the picking easier; MINI ASTANA, the vertical cabinet with glass doors used for self-service frozen products; LONDON 3, the perfect hot-case able to preserve the quality of ready-to-eat local courses or side dishes .

Arneg is proud to have furnished this great store guaranteeing the freshness and the quality of the products displayed thanks to the unbroken cold chain, right as written at the supermarket entrance "Our unbroken cold chain maintain your fresh fruits and vegetables fresher for longer ".