The second effervescent day of Euroshop in the name of the best Made in Italy.

Inebriating. This is the word that best describes this second day of Euroshop that for Arneg stand opens with a real sea of people. From the first hours of the day many customers and visitors turned out along the Sharing Avenue to explore the endless opportunities offered in all directions by this walkable space, in the sign of sharing.

The wine shop space is the angle of the sharing par excellence, the place where you can taste the precious nectar that loosens the tongue, feeds the conversation and evokes the best Made in Italy. As what Arneg expresses in its innovative design solutions dedicated to these spaces studied for cheers that seal agreements, give rise to new collaborations and that tell business philosophies. A space that is home to the best Italian wine productions to which Arneg wanted to link his name by creating a customized collection inspired by the key concepts of its style of doing business: Sognare (Dreaming), Buon Senso (Good Sense), Coraggio (Courage) and Fantasia (Fantasy).

And it is precisely to the Italian excellences and the new formats of Italian cuisine that is dedicated the speech of the gastronome Davide Paolini: this second event of the Future Store Forum enhanced the quality of typical Italian products and the professionalism of producers, to be given value with seriousness and commitment.

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