Discovering the most innovative refrigeration technologies and the changing shopping behaviors.

Going to the discovery of Arneg’s stands, many are the customers and visitors who find out with great excitement the technological heart of the Sharing Avenue: the Compressor Racks and the new cooling technologies such as the innovative ARNEG CO2 Water Loop System. What is it? An advanced cooling system that join in one single solution three technologies: the water loop, the variable speed compressor which adapts the cooling capacity on the base of the working conditions optimizing the energy saving and, finally, the CO2 used as refrigerant, the only one not flammable, non-toxic, non-explosive, with the lowest value of greenhouse effect.

Many and very important are the advantages: each cabinet has its own compressor, the system is simple to be installed it does not require skilled personnel for the installation and management, without any charge limit and is suitable to be used for heat recovery. Moreover it is a long-term solution referring to the limitations stated by the F-Gas Regulation.

We moved from the cold to the evolution of purchasing behaviors, between heart and brain, told with great emotional participation by Luigi Rubinelli, RetailWatch.it director, who invites to focus on the real needs of customers who are primarily all men and women with specific needs and priorities.

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