OSAKA 3P 100 H203

Working temperature

0 / +2°C
Normal temperature
Remote condensing unit
<p>Ventilated refrigeration</p>
<p>Off-cycle defrost</p>
Large surface
<p>Medium surface</p>
Pre-packed fish
Fresh milk

Classe energetica D
The information on the energy class (Ecodesign 2019/2024 and Energy Labelling 2019/2018) reported here refers to precise product configurations. Any other different configuration than the one presented on the website may significantly change the energy class information.
For more details, please consult the European Product Database for Energy Labelling (EPREL) or contact our Sales Office.

This essentially designed vertical multi-deck cabinet with integrated glass doors combines generous capacity with maximum visibility and enhanced product value. It offers unrivalled ergonomics and, thanks to reduced distance between product and customer, guarantees a simple and immediate purchasing experience.

Length without ends
Horizontal display surface
Net volume
1250 mm
3,49 m2
0 dm3
1875 mm
5,24 m2
0 dm3
2500 mm
6,99 m2
0 dm3
3750 mm
10,48 m2
0 dm3
Cross Section