The creative and cultural Lab.

Arneg believes that knowledge, culture and creativity are key elements in generating innovation and improving people's quality of life.

For this reason, the company has decided to support VITAMINA C Lab, a real laboratory, that thanks to experts, is able to organise a wide range of courses, workshops and experiences, in order to develop children and adults creativity.

... VITAMIN C protects the body from tiredness, degeneration and disease ...

... VITAMINA C Lab protects the individual from boredom, homogenisation and mental passivity. . . !

The main courses promoted by Vitamina C Lab are: theater, drawing and painting laboratories, English language, carpentry, philosophy for children, scientific laboratories, music reading, educational concerts and autogenous training.

Believing in young people and in the territory means for Arneg to invest in their future. Along with VITAMINA C Lab, all this will be possible!

Here below some pictures of the most beautiful moments at VITAMINA C Labs opening ceremony at the headquarter in San Giorgio in Bosco, Padua, Italy.

Download the 2017/2018 courses and workshops calendar: