On the closing day of Euroshop, new projects and solutions for a shared future.

And here we are at the finish line of this vibrant 2017 edition of Euroshop that leaves its mark!

The Sharing Avenue has been traveled in all directions and in every sense by many visitors. Walking, observing, tasting and touching the information totems screens or smartphone’s, once downloaded the app specifically designed for the exhibition. To navigate within the stand, be up to date on events, discover Group Arneg companies, products and technologies features through video animations and images entering the retail innovation.

An innovation expressed across the board by new generations cabinets and solutions that look to the future as a Cub@, a refrigerator for online shopping, designed by Oscartielle and presented at Euroshop in absolute preview.

A topic that of technology that improves the quality of life triggering important turning points and behavior changes, faced by the last awaited guest of the Forum Store Future, architect Carlo Ratti, creator of the Supermarket of the Future presented at Expo 2015 and successful start-ups all over the world in the name of an evolution intended to be clever, responsible and, of course, shared.

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